Remind 101 Sign Ups



I use Remind to communicate with students outside of the classroom. This is a great way to stay up to date on homework assignments as well as potential extra credit assignments. Click the link for the period you have me, and follow the directions provided! Please email me if you have any questions.

First Period:

Text @mcnally1 to 81010

Second Period:

Text @mcnally2pd to 81010

Third Period:

Text @mcnally3pd to 81010

Fourth Period:

Text @mcnally4pd to 81010

Fifth Period:

Text @mcnally5pd to 81010

Sixth Period:

Text @mcnally6pd to 81010


One thought on “Remind 101 Sign Ups

  1. Hi Stacy.

    YARTS – yet another request to steal!

    I’m about to start some of my students with blogging, and would like to use “stuff” from your blog – including the Student Blog Guidelines, and the Student Comment Guidelines, modified for our situation.


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