Student Comment Guidelines

Sometimes, you will be required to comment on your peers’ posts. Follow these guidelines to be sure you’re commenting appropriately. You will not need to do each of these on every post, but always start with a positive comment.

1. Highlight and Praise

Point out something positive that you appreciated or connected with in the original post. Tell them something nice.

2. Connect and Share

Share how you connected or agreed with the post. You can talk about a time when something similar happened to you or how you have experienced something like they talk about.

3. Respectfully Disagree

You will not always agree with your peers. That’s ok! Be sure to make a positive comment before you offer an alternative opinion. Highlight their positive, and then share your counter argument in a kind and respectful tone.

4. Ask Questions

If you have a question about something they talked about, ask it!

5. Talk it Out

Your post should be a solid paragraph in length. Be sure you are really giving them meaningful and worthwhile feedback.

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