Teaching Philosophy and Goals

Interact with the image above to learn a little bit more about me and my philosophy toward interactive presentations. This Thinglink was an assignment for a grad school class I’m taking, but I thought it fit great to give you a snapshot of my philosophy.


What’s your teaching philosophy?

This question was first asked to me as an undergrad at Bethany College. How can I have a philosophy when I haven’t even been in the classroom?
But I gave it a shot. My answer was full of the buzz words of the moment and packed withe the information I knew my professor wanted to see. Multiple Intelligences. Bloom’s. Differentiated Instruction. Writing Across the Curriculum. Positive Behavior Support. Scaffolding.

In my sixth year of teaching, I teach to all students’ learning styles. I spiral my questions and focus on higher order thinking. I incorporate different subject areas and topics into my class to make the content meaningful and relevant. I start by modeling skills I want my students to learn and I slowly build up to the student practicing the task on their own. But still, the question looms, What’s your teaching philosophy?

As a long-winded English teacher, I struggle to boil my whole existence as a teacher down into one little motto or paragraph. But, for the sake of the age old question, I will give it a try. My teaching philosophy is that it is my responsibility to reach every student regardless of ability level or social status. Every student has the right to learn and it is my duty to make sure they are learning the necessary information in a manner that they can enjoy. I believe it is essential that the classroom be a safe and welcoming environment where students can set goals, grow,  and blossom into the person they want to be. I am passionate about students discovering that the English classroom does not have to be boring or out of touch. I love profoundly influencing students to enjoy, daresay even love language and literature like I do.

I have professional goals which I try to keep in the forefront of my mind which I am teaching to keep me focused on the things that really matter, like the students.

Daily Goals I Try To Focus On:

  • Each student will remember my classroom for how I connected with them.
  • Students will use technology in meaningful and innovative ways.
  • Students will improve and show growth from the start to end of the semester.
  • Students will leave my class ready for the next step in their educational career.


Long Term Goals I Want to Achieve:

  • Complete my Masters program from West Liberty University
  • Earn my Doctorate
  • Earn National Board Certification
  • Work with preservice teachers at the collegiate level

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